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I'm a digital Renaissance man living in Portland, Oregon. I love color, texture, music, gadgets, and being creative. I live and work on the internet, so I want to work to make it as engaging as possible.

I view the web as an exciting blend of form and function. The art mixed with programming perfectly combines my creative with my technical sides. I love to make things look nice, and function well, resulting in a better front-end experience. Also, my pixel-perfectionistic side gets such a rush from making things line up and look perfect.

I graduated with a degree in New Media Communications from Oregon State University in 2010. I really enjoyed the exposure and training in various forms of media because I am somewhat a Jack-of-all-trades. While my main interest is the web, I am also trained, and have done some work in video, print, and even 3D modeling.

I am an early adopter. I love gadgets, technology, and innovative solutions to everyday problems. If it's new, interesting, or a modern re-interpretation of a classic tool, I'm there. I am constantly excited about how much closer we are getting to living in the Star Trek universe. And if you're wondering, yes, I'm a 'Next Generation' fan. Picard > Kirk. Just sayin'.

How do I work? I am an extremely fast learner and can quickly become comfortable working in any environment. I like to think that I make any workplace I'm in a little more fun. Also, clients love me. I love working with them. I have a natural ability to interact with, and relate to, most people. My variety of interests compliment my ability to empathize, which results in more genuine relationships. I have a great track record of interpreting client feedback, implementing that in design, and developing training that is meaningful and easy to understand.

I pride myself on the ability to see projects from other viewpoints. Starting with my continually-evolving design/development eye, I move on to the view of a user. I am sure to address areas in projects that I may understand, but the lay person, or first-time user may stumble on. I address areas the client may have issues with, and work to develop a solution that maintains creative integrity while satisfying all interested parties.

I recently married a beautiful redhead!

I love outdoor adventures.


CLIENT: Wahoo Fitness
DESCRIPTION: Wahoo Fitness is gaining traction making some of the coolest iPhone-powered cycling accessories that tie in with prominent apps. Gearing up for a tradeshow, they needed a microsite. Due to scheduling conflicts, I only had one night to complete this project. The intention was to quickly showcase major and upcoming products, provide product detail overviews, get the public involved as "Wahooligans", and link to press the company has received online. The site made it up in time for the show, and the client was extremely satisfied!
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CLIENT: NeuroBehavioral Concepts
DESCRIPTION: These great people needed to re-vamp their website to be professional, yet still convey a comforting nature with a focus on healing. After the successful launch, their business has seen a large increase in new customers, directly resulting from the new, more professional website! With the easy to maintain CMS, and the overall experience, the client couldn't be happier, and we ended up leaving as friends who still stay in touch.
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CLIENT: Chyron
DESCRIPTION: Needing a complete overhaul, we re-designed, re-structured, and re-thought the Chyron website from the ground up. One goal of the new site was to allow users easy access to the various Chyron products, through a solution tree, or by usage category. Another main goal was to change the focus of the site from just Chyron to a showcase of Storytellers that use Chyron products in their work.
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CLIENT: Con Bro Chill
DESCRIPTION: Connor Martin, the front-man for Con Bro Chill has many faces. We wanted this website to showcase his various sides: professional lacrosse player, outrageous YouTube personality, lead singer for the band Con Bro Chill, and lacrosse youth-camp coach. We worked to utilize existing assets, and to create a look and feel that was fun, but also professional. A super fun project working with some great guys!
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CLIENT: Shaws Fiberglass and Plastics, Inc.
DESCRIPTION: Coming from a single-page html site made in the early days of the web, my wife's uncle's company was in desperate need of an overhaul. I gave them a modern design, a great way to showcase their work, and built it on the easy-to-manage Wordpress. The result was more business coming in for them, and a website they couldn't be happier with!
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CLIENT: Peter Jacobsen Sports
DESCRIPTION: We created a new site for Peter Jacobsen Sports that reflected their fun, people-based nature. Building it on the Wordpress CMS provided an easy-to-maintain interface, and added functionality. PJS wanted an interesting way to showcase their company history, so I found, implemented, and customized a plugin that mimicked the new Facebook timeline. The client loved it.
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CLIENT: Montessori Administrators Association
DESCRIPTION: As one of my first jobs, I worked with 2 colleagues to create a custom CMS for the Montessori Administrators Association. They wanted a website with a "different" look, that didn't follow traditional, "boring" navigation schemes. They also had the need to specify which content would be available to the public and which would be members only. This was created before I was familiar with Joomla, so we built everything from scratch. We also developed a fun function to randomly place the background images on each page load.
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CLIENT: Barhyte Specialty Foods, Inc.
DESCRIPTION: My first project working with Joomla was providing a new face for Barhyte Specialty Foods, Inc. The new design provided easy navigation to specific products and recipes, a more user-friendly online shopping experience, and a more professional look for the growing company.
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CLIENT: Andrew Lipke
DESCRIPTION: Long story short: Planning our wedding, my fiance (now wife) sent me a song by Andrew Lipke. We loved it and wanted it to be our first dance song. We couldn't find sheet music of the song for our wedding band to play, so I contacted Andrew. We ended up bartering; He would transcribe the song for our band to use, and make me a personal video playing the song dedicated to my wife, and I would create him a new website. We liked working together so much that we're now friends!
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CLIENT: Peter Jacobsen Golf
DESCRIPTION: The design for the original Peter Jacobsen Golf website was created before my time. It was a simple html site that had to be manually updated on a per-page basis. I took the design, and related Photoshop files and transformed the site into a fully functional Wordpress site. The design looked the same, but the back-end management was much easier for the client, and resulted in a better SEO performance as well.
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DESCRIPTION: Shortly after I started working at NONBOX, I championed the need for a new website. The intention was to provide a better insight into who NONBOX was, and to increase SEO with a blog and improved site organization. They also wanted a searchable, user-friendly method to showcase work.
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